Schedule notes:
No firearms class on Thursday Sept. 24 due to TaeKwonDo testing.
No firearms class on Thursday October 29 I have to host a 4-day shooting tournament.
Family Martial Arts is offering a new type of class.
Gun Safety - Home Defense - Concealed Carry
For new and experienced gun owners
Monday and Thursday nights at 7:15 to 8 pm
Firearms Safety is an important issue. Proper gun handling is a must when one is needed.

You don’t want your weapon to hurt you more than the other guy!
The classes are based on 20+ hours of seminars that used to be offered on the weekends.
Having shorter learning segment makes it is easier for you to plan your time and learn.
Classes are on Monday and Thursday nights at 7:15 to 8 pm.
You only need to come once per week to get the full training experience.
What you will learn:
  • Keeping it legal

  • Home defense skills

  • Concealed Carry of Weapons skills and carry methods

  • Building consistency

  • Safe handling

  • Empowering you and your family

Class structure:
These are non-firing classes. No ammunition is allowed in the room.
Inert training guns and knives are used. (Provided by the instructor)
Or your firearm is made inert using barrel blocks. (Get instructor approval before bringing your gun into the class.)
The instructor:
Matt Walker has over 40 years in the martial arts and has carried and trained with handguns of all types since 1992. He focuses on the civilian aspects of carry and use.
He believes in:
  • No useless flash

  • No Macho-ism

  • Family friendly   (this is appropriate for 12 years old and up)

You can reach Matt directly at 478-918-7460
Family Martial Arts, 1825 Watson Blvd. , Warner Robins, GA  
Behind the ChickFilA on Watson Blvd"
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